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Thumbnails of Always Pure Site

This client wanted to develop his web presence, and yet still wants to change some of the information provided. Since we allow free editing to existing pages for the first month, this goal is met easily.


Thumbnails of ScholarAthlete.com site

ScholarAthlete.com is a young company looking to develop a largely web based business. Starting in a small way, with plans to eventually include a large database, and e-commerce, JTM WebSolutions is ready to help them grow.


Thumbnails of Mountain Publishing Site A local publisher seeking to offer his latest book wanted to make it available on the internet. This is a great way to advertise as well as giving a printable orderform. Should he choose to enter into true e-commerce, that can handily be accomplished.

"Thanks JTM WebSolutions. Your web site design and internet marketing advice contributed to the biggest increase in sales in Mountain Publishing's 14-year history."

Ermon Watt, General Manager
Mountain Publishing
Hillsboro, Oregon

Another one of our works in progress is represented by this concept. Working with color and graphic art to produce a theme that integrates with your company image is important to us. . While working with your existing style, we are able to come up with a design that gets YOUR messsage accross to the public. Ledgers and accounting just go together
Working with digital photography as well as original art, this site was created. It served nicely as an entry level site, and at the same time featured interaction with mouse overs

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