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Question: How can I get a quote from JTM WebSolutions?
Answer: Simply fill out the information on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you promptly.

Question: What if I have a very small advertising budget, should I still consider a web site?
A small budget should not stop you from developing a presence on the internet. If you have some experience with computers you should be able to set up your own small site with one of the free hosting sites with the assistance of templates. We can help you find the right spot for you, and for a small consulting fee, help you develop your site yourself.

Question: Would I have to know any "code" to build my own site?
Answer: HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language), is the "code" that most web pages are written in. It is not essential that you know HTML in order to build your own site, however it can be helpful. That is why we offer consulting assistance.

Question: What are the advantages of having a professionally done website?
Answer: With the "do it yourself" website you are limited in what you can present, and the manner in which it is presented. That type of site is fine for a "starter" site, however when you are able to "put your best foot forward" a professionally done site will assuredly have more impact, as well as be able to give your own unique presentation.

Question: What is the cost involved with developing a website?
Answer: First and formost is the purchase of your own unique domain name, which is usually less than $20.00 (US). Then if you are having a site professionally designed, you will have to use one of the hosting companies (Hosting With Us or WebBizBuilder for instance), their prices are quite reasonable. See our Additional Services page for more information on these prices. Then of course you would have the cost of the designer which varies based on content, design and size of the site, an example of our prices can be found on our "Services" page.

Question: I already have a web site, but I am thinking of redoing it to give it more impact. Can you help with that?
Answer: We are always happy to work with any client to redesign a site to better represent their current and future needs.

Question: Do you have samples of your work?
Answer: If you look at the "Examples" page you will see links to some of our clients websites.




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